After a wait of four years, Amazon Prime Video’s most loved show – Made In Heaven – is back with a second season. The wedding planners are back in action and this time, they are reeling from financial loss along with the struggles in their personal lives.

While the second season has a lot of changes and has introduced us to many new characters (spoiler alert), what hasn’t changed in Made In Heaven Season 2 is the opening montage. The same opening song has been used by the creators and that just makes sense because it fits so beautifully with the show.

The starting montage opens with candles lined in two rows and what follows is showing weddings and festivities with true and raw emotions.

made in heaven

You get to see a proposal sequence with a teddy bear and balloons. Then you get to see the haldi ceremony.

sobhita dhulipala

The opening sequence showcases real-life couples and the intimate moments from their weddings. It shows multiple couples and sews all of them together by showing all the ceremonies that make an Indian wedding what it is.

made in heaven 2

So here we have a smiling bride. Then we get to see what goes into making their wedding venue so gorgeous.

made in heaven s2

And not just brides, the opening sequence also shows grooms just enjoying their big day and having a smile on their faces.

made in heaven season 2

The multiple montages that are stitched together are so high on emotions that it makes you teary-eyed. Add to that the soothing music that plays behind the footage, *chef’s kiss.*

season 2

The opening sequence is a brainchild of The Wedding Filmer. In their blog post, they narrated how Zoya Akhtar had commissioned them to create the opening title. To quote them, “The task ahead wasn’t easy but the path was clear. Like every good film, we had a beginning and end in sight and thousands of shots to choose from. It wasn’t about pretty cuts or the glamour. It had to be real. It had to be true. That was what Zoya and her crew wanted! After all, these titles set the mood and tone of all the episodes.”

And they managed to create exactly that. Just pure, raw, and poignant emotions.

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made in heaven amazon prime video

Created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, Made In Heaven Season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Please note that all images have been taken from the show.