Over a decade ago, six friends left their keys on a kitchen top, had a final cup of coffee at Central Perk, and bid adieu to a fan base that, even today, remains loyal to each character – lead or supporting. 


But, after years of hearing rumors–that always turn false–about the iconic group coming together for a reunion, we need clear answers. We need to know if we (the show and the fans) are on a break or not? 

Because constantly getting our hopes crushed is worse than watching the group order a ‘Joey special’ (double pizza) without him! 


I mean, just recently, another news story started doing the rounds of social media and news channel – about an ‘unscripted F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion’ to feature on HBO Max. 


This isn’t the first time, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be the last time that such a story appears on our social media feed. 

The problem is, can our forever nostalgic hearts really stay calm with yet another fake fanmade trailer?


Every time members from the starcast come together for even lunch, our imagination goes into overdrive and we conjure up scenarios of Ben and Emma dining with Monic and Chandler’s twins, collectively talking about their parents’ quirks. 

Any time a member of the cast has so much as even hinted about a reunion, we’ve imagined what it would be like to have Paul Rudd as a permanent part of the team? 

*It’s not even a question that Mike and Phoebe wouldn’t be together.* 


We can understand the makers’ hesitation in touching a classic, and managing the expectations of a million (or more) fans. (GoT could teach them a lesson or two about ruining fans’ expectations) 


I mean, all Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel had to do was join Instagram to bring the network to a crash! 

But you know what’s worse than revisiting a classic? Teasing us with the knowledge of ‘what ifs’ and expecting us to be okay with it, every, single, damn, time! 


Let’s face it, we’ve been there for them! We’ve followed each of the actors on their individual journeys and cheered their off-screen friendships.

We’ve covered every inch of our house with F.R.I.E.N.D.S memorabilia (it’s not just me right?). And we could recite the dialogues in our sleep. 

But we, the fan base, can’t keep up with getting our hopes crushed again and again. So even is the answer is provided by ‘rambling on for 18 pages, FRONT and BACK’, we are okay with it. We will read it all the way through. 

Just tell us, once and for all, is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion happening or not? 


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