Are you looking to watch something that’s light, hilarious and yet relevant? But you’re too tired of scrolling through your phone to find the perfect comic show for you? Don’t worry because this list has got you covered.


This list has some best desi comic shows on the internet that were released this year. Trust us, we were the guinea pigs who ROFL-ed watching them: 

1. Sushi by Biswa Kalyan Rath

If you love this mast aadmis’s super hilarious observational comedy then his current stand-up is literally a full face workout for you. From talking about dust to cluelessly filling forms in banks, this stand-up is relatable AF. 


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2. Almost Sanskari by Neeti Palta

Watch Neeti Patla decode the way a comedian’s mind works as she shares her journey from growing up to still trying to grow up. She opens up about what it’s like to grow up as a fauji brat and I have to say, her sarcasm will leave you giggling.   


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3. Going Downhill by Neville Shah

If you’re into dark comedy, Neville’s twisted sense of humour is all you need to venture the hilarious dark side. From being orphaned, adulthood, divorce, suicide and depression, there’s nothing that he spares. 


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4. Sketchy Behaviour by Kanan Gill and Kenny 

An unconventional yet hilarious set on sketch comedy will blow your mind. It is a set of bizarre yet hysteric 6 mini sketches stitched together with a silly story. We bet you have never seen anything like this before.  


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5. Comicstaan 2

The series that brings together India’s finest comedians as judges and mentors is back with another season. The judges are on an outlook to search for freshly talented comics. Witness the journey of these contestants going from funny to funnier. 

Sirf News

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6. One Mic Stand 

Amazon Prime brings to you a politician, actor, singer and a comic trying their hand at comedy. And if this wasn’t a selling point for you, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the politician. Hosted by Sapan Verma, celebrities will be paired with comedians who’ll mentor these celebrities into having their own special.   


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7. The Internet Said So 

Enjoy your weekly dose of satire with these four funny men who sit together and talk about bizarre, hilarious, shocking and surprising facts that they’ve picked up from the internet.  From discussing crime facts to Bigg Boss, there’s nothing that the gang doesn’t discuss.  


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8. Jestination Unknown 

Vir Das along with his friends travels across India to understand what Indians find funny. He explores the culturally rich cities and tries to come up with a personalised set for each city. Join him as he sets on his country-wide journey. 


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9. Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai by Karunesh Talwar 

This stand up is a light-hearted breath of fresh air that’s perfect to unwind your weekday’s stress. It’ll give you a hilarious nostalgic throwback about growing up in the 90s and being an average student. 


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10. Kaafi Filmy by Angad Singh Ranyal 

To all the desi, filmy, movie buffs out there, Angad’s narrative, observational comedy is the perfect homage to our filmy souls. He’ll make you ROFL with his hilarious filmy analogies. 

Amazon Prime Video

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11. Alex In Wonderland by Alexander Babu 

Take a trip down memory lane with Alex’s hilarious and culturally rich stand-up. From growing up in a small village in Tamil Nadu to making it into the big leagues of the corporate world, his hilarious roller-coaster experience will leave you gasping for air.

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We hope these shows help you unwind over the weekend.