Indian YouTuber Dhruv Rathee, known for his fact-checking and explanatory videos, got married to his girlfriend of 7 years, Juli, on November 24. 

The couple shared beautiful photos from the intimate ceremony which took place in Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria.

They posted a vlog of the big day on November 26 on their YouTube channel.

Dhruv, who resides in Germany, met his wife Juli in 2014, incidentally the same year he started his YouTube channel, which now boasts of more than 6.28 million subscribers. However, he made his relationship public only after 5 years with a photo that had the caption, “After 5 years, she finally let me post a pic publicly.” He posted the pic on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

A year after he made his relationship with Juli public, Dhruv posted many pictures and videos with her on his Instagram handle. 

As the couple travels a lot together, they decided to start a new YouTube channel together in 2020. The channel posts travel and lifestyle vlogs that are as fun to watch as are Dhruv’s videos informative and eye-opening. Dhruv made the announcement public on his channel in July 2020.

Following the announcement, Dhruv and Juli made many vlogs together. Dhruv also posted short clips and photos from his travel with his lady love.

In a podcast interview with YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia, Dhruv talked about his enriching realtionship with Juli, saying that his girlfriend helps him grow.

If you have the right partner in a romantic relationship, they actually help you grow and help you with everything.

-Dhruv Rathee in an interview with Ranveer Allahbadia

They have posted several travel vlogs on the channel.

Apart from travel vlogs the couple also post lifestyle and other vlogs undertaking a challenge.

Dhruv and Juli actually made an announcement that they were getting married on November 21 on the channel, when they posted of vlog. In the vlog the couple was seen shopping for the wedding suit and dress. While we could see what Dhruv would be wearing on the day, viewers had to wait for the wedding to see Juli’s wedding dress, as according to traditions, the bride’s wedding dress can’t be seen by people before the wedding.

Juli started using a public account in 2020. She has also shared many adorable picture of them together. 

Dhruv and Juli give us major couple goals!