Actor Dia Mirza has always been vocal about environmental issues and her love for sustainable fashion. 

And her wedding look was a reflection of these ideas. She went for a red Raw Mango saree instead of a lavish lehenga. When asked about the choice, she said:

I have great respect for Indian tradition and the tradition of our rich textiles and I wanted to wear something that would be a forever garment.

She has talked about this earlier also when she elaborated on what she did with her dress from her first wedding.

So, the last time around I auctioned my clothes and this time around I made sure to get a garment that I could reuse and wear again and again. Even my husband chose an outfit that he could continue wearing through life instead of just hanging up in the cupboard and never touching it again.

On the same lines of sustainable fashion, actor Yami Gautam wore her mother’s saree for her wedding.

So beautiful.