Have you ever found someone’s personal diary with deep, dark secrets? Well, even I didn’t. And, we would probably freak out if we do. Just like this social media user, who narrated how they found a diary at their workplace, which belonged to a teenage girl from January 24 to March 25, 1967.


A person, who goes by the username odd_directions, stated that they work at a public bathhouse as a housekeeper and cashier. One day, when they were cleaning the dressing rooms, they found a diary underneath a bench and it belonged to a teenager. They transcribed and translated the part of the journal that stands out from normal.

The journal mentioned how the teenage girl woke up in the morning and had an argument with her mother. She stormed out of the house and went to her friend. She told her friend about her fight and she suggested that they should go to the public bath. And, she agreed.

The next day, she was getting dressed in the locker room, after spending the day in the public bath with her friends. Suddenly, it became eerily silent and she realized that she was all alone. Upon leaving the locker room, she noticed that it was not the same bathhouse she had entered just hours ago. There were endless rows of pools and no sign of any other human. She even found a dead body, half-hidden in the shadows.

On March 17th, 1967, she found a newspaper on the ground, which was partly burned. She didn’t recognize the language, but she could see when it was printed. September 5th, 2005. The images were strangely colourful, and it showed people in clothes she had never seen, smiling and happy.

I’m so tired. I can’t keep running. I’m going to jump into one of the deep pools and dive into the darkness. Maybe this is the way out. Maybe this is what I’ve been looking for all along. I’m leaving the diary here. It would be ruined by the water anyway. I hope someone finds it and can make sense of what happened to me. I’m so scared. But, I’m also so tired. I just want this to be over. I don’t know what’s down there, but it can’t be worse than what’s chasing me. I’m sorry, mom. I wish I could have said goodbye.

The social media user also mentioned how a young girl went missing in their otherwise peaceful town and the last place anyone ever saw her was at the establishment where she currently works.

Needless to mention, people were extremely curious about the entire incident. While some people had some interesting theories, others were quite scared. Here’s what they had to say:

There are more questions than answers, which cannot be answered.