Priyanka Chopra, who just released her autobiography Unfinished, was the first guest on Oprah Winfrey’s new show, Super Soul. The actor got candid about work, love and her splendid journey. Here is everything Priyanka revealed in her virtual interview:

1. The reason she wanted to do ‘The White Tiger’ was to gain mainstream representation for people of colour in Hollywood. She didn’t want the movie to be pushed under the rug. 

2. “I thought writing about myself would be the easiest,” Priyanka said, recalling that she wanted to write a book and why she chose to pen down Unfinished. 

3. She confessed that she had always felt privileged to be given a life better than most girl children in India because of her supportive parents. Especially since her father who was always so proud of her achievements. And that is why she has always stood behind the issue. 

4. She admitted that she believed in a higher power. She watched her father singing in a mosque as a child, and her mother visiting temples, while she attended a convent school. 

5. Priyanka left America as a teenager because she was bullied in high school, something she also spoke about in her book, Unfinished. She admitted that they “broke her spirit” and she just called her mother saying she wanted to come back to India. 


6. A year later, as a 17-year-old, she won the Miss World title and she did admit to thinking about her haters later on. 

7. “My biggest regret is that I didn’t confront the filmmaker, I worked within the system, I just quit,” said Priyanka recalling an incident when she quit a film because the filmmaker wanted her to strip, something she wasn’t comfortable with. 


8. In 2012, Priyanka’s first single In My City made its debut on NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football and she received the worst backlash for it. Racist comments flooded in as people couldn’t accept a person of colour. 

However, Priyanka revealed that the NFL’s faith in her helped, “normalise people who look like me to be on mainstream media.”


9. Priyanka believes Nick Jonas was ‘manifested’ by her mother because she wanted Priyanka to be swept off her feet and that’s exactly what Nick did. 

“He’s such a self assured man, so sensitive, so excited about my achievements, my dreams,” she added. 

10. Priyanka admitted that she didn’t take Nick seriously in the beginning because of his age. “I was 35, I was like I want to get married, I want to have kids, and he is, you know in his 20s, and I don’t know if that’s something he’d want to do.”

11. She found the love her parents shared, with Nick. She called him her biggest cheerleader. “He’s watched the white tiger 6 times, he talks about it to all his friends. He’s read the book 7 times. He’s a champion. I feel like I’m married to my cheerleader,” she said. 

12. Priyanka had a checklist of five things she wanted in her future partner in her wallet that she had written down ages ago. And Nick met the criteria perfectly. 

Her checklist? Someone who’s honest, loves having family around, loves his job, understands business and finances (because she doesn’t), and someone who’s confident in himself. 

13. The most memorable part of the wedding, Priyanka revealed, was when her mother walked her down the aisle and they both strongly felt her father’s presence. 

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All images are screenshots from the episode unless mentioned otherwise.