Fans love Diljit Dosanjh for a lot of reasons and his voice is just one of them. But, it’s his comebacks and candour that make us go – wah. He never shies away from saying what he wants or taking a stand. At times, we’re even left giggling by his funny comebacks. 

And, his response to a Twitter user’s comment on lip-syncing at concerts, is proof. 

A fan had shared a video from his world tour, where he was seen singing Ikk Kudi from Udta Punjab. While most people loved his performance, there was a Twitter user who commented, asking him about ‘the obsession with lip-syncing’. 

Diljit didn’t quite like the comment and tweeted his response. He mentioned how the concert was live and there was no lip-syncing. Adding on, he talked about the amount of effort it takes to practice the lyrics and the song – it’s all about hard work and proper rehearsals. Let’s just say he gave it back – and how. 

It was one among the many times where Diljit said it like it is and took a stand.

His fans also took a stand and reacted to the comment:

Clearly, the internet loves Diljit as much as Diljit loves Kylie!