Some Bollywood songs are so iconic that even decades later they don’t fail to pump our energy up. Chura ke dil mera from Main Khiladi Tu Anari is one such catchy riff on which Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty made the nation groove to their moves.


And now it looks like this song’s craze has crossed borders and reached Hollywood! 

Comedian Lilly Singh shared a video of herself dancing with American actress Drew Barrymore on her Instagram account. The two women showed off their love for Bollywood by syncing their moves to the upbeat music. Drew got the lyrics right and lip-synced like a pro!


Sharing this video Lilly wrote in the caption:

Finally met @drewbarrymore and she legit stole my heart Also, didn’t she nail this?! Ugh. A queen. I had an absolute blast on @thedrewbarrymoreshow today. Fun fact, Drew and I met virtually during the pandemic and instantly became textually active friends, BUT this was our first time meeting in person. It was magical and real and she can keep my heart forever ❤️.

This is the video in which the two women have set the Internet ablaze. Take a look and you’ll be shimmying nonstop!

You know, what’s more fascinating? Drew took the ‘stealing of heart’ too literally, and Lilly simply proceeded likewise! The song never seemed better. 

Netizens are totally impressed and they’re watching the reel on loop (so are we!)


Stole every desi heart in 10 seconds and how!