Dubai has this tradition of claiming world records since the beginning of time. Be it the world’s tallest chocolate sculpture, the longest handmade gold chain, the longest graffiti scroll or the smallest parachute canopy used for a jump, it rightly is known as the city of superlatives. If Sharmaji ka beta was a city, it would be Dubai.

Now, Dubai just revealed the world’s first and highest 360-degree infinity pool, and it is just drop-dead gorgeous. This incredible pool, called Aura Skypool, opened at the Palm Tower, which is a hotel and residential building from developer Nakheel. The pool, a 750-square-meter pool deck, is suspended at a height of 200 metres and is situated on the 50th floor. Not safe for you if you’re scared of heights.

Described as the “island of the sky” on its website, it provides a “360-degree swimming experience”.

Luckily, the prices of this magical experience is not as skyrocketing as its location. If you’re a morning person, the entry fee for you will be AED 170 (INR 3,448). As evening views and sunsets are so much more beautiful, you can take a dip at AED 200 (INR 4,056). And if you just want the whole pool to yourself, just pay AED 370 (INR 7,505) and you are good to go! (Thank us as we converted the prices to INR using Google.)

Aura Skypool Website

The pool also has a lounge area which gives all cozy vibes.

And get cocktails too!

The view is just breathtaking.

Aura Skypool Website
Aura Skypool Website

This will probably be the view from Iron Man’s Stark Tower Complex, so enter this fictional realm! Visit their website here.