We know how being an introvert comes with a lot of labels. Most of the time, it’s hard to explain to people that you’re not secretive or self-absorbed. It’s just that it takes a little more effort for you to socialise or initiate a conversation. 

That said, social gatherings or parties can be a tough step for introverts. And they have listed down some of the dumbest reasons they gave to leave a party.

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1. “Anyone have a cig? Step outside and leave. If they ask what happened, say your buddy was walking by and you decided to see what they were up to.”


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2. “Before leaving, I’ll let an extrovert friend know that I am heading out and ask them to inform others. The word spreads quickly.”


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3. “I got out of going to a Halloween party by saying that my wig was horrendous and that I had actually started bawling because of how bad the wig was. the wig was bad, and I did bawl, but the costume still looked fine without a wig, I just played up on the wig factor to get out of it.”


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4. “When I lived in an apartment, I used the very small public parking spot as an excuse for people to not come over.”


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5. “A friend called to invite me to a party. I said I had heart disease that was making me not feel well. I made up a name completely out of thin air. I am pretty sure she knew I was lying.”


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6. “Look at my phone and pretend to frantically type. A few times I look a little concerned then politely tell the host a family member is locked out of their house and I have a key. Or something like that.”


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7. “When I was a kid I didn’t want to go for a sleepover at my friend’s house, so my excuse was “I can’t, I’m lactose intolerant.”


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8. “I’m impressed how many of you actually make it to the party in the first place! I’m planning days before an event how I can avoid going.”


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9. “Omg I’ve used absolutely everything—work, family, car, pets, “scheduling conflict”, etc. I keep ’em pretty standard though. The weird ones are typically when I’m telling the truth.”


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10. “For ‘mandatory fun’ events at work it’s usually a church. For other things, “just had a massive meal so I’m gonna take a 30-minute nap before heading your way” and just not showing up works pretty well.”


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11. “Oh fuck there are loads -I can’t stay long because I need to get home and clean the fridge My brother has hurt his foot I need to take my meds I think my mum is upset I need to go draw a picture I have to go to Lidl before it shuts.”


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12. “My brain is trying to kill me.” Then I left the wedding.


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