Deep, deep, embarrassingly deep down the YouTube rabbit hole I came across a video that shook me to the core. Okay, I’m overexaggerating. I mean like duh, can you not see what I do for a living? LOL. But for reals, the clip really did blow my mind.

Remember Eddie Munson – the wild AF, eccentric goth king portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn? He is introduced in the fourth season of Stranger Things as the leader of Hellfire Club aka the official D&D club of Hawkins High School. He’s the full-on nonconformist metalhead who plays the electric guitar in his band Corroded Coffin, yet is a sweet, considerate softie at heart and serves as a friend and role model to Dustin Henderson. Not to mention, the man is gorgeous!

Sadly, Eddie Munson is now gone, and he’s officially not coming back on Season 5 🙁 Too bad cause I really shipped him with Chrissy. 

Did you know Eddie from Stranger Things was on Game of Thrones too? WTF? 

Here’s proof:

Joseph Quinn played the part of one of the guards that tried to stop Arya Stark from reuniting with her sister Sansa Stark in the final season of Game of Thrones. 

I call this: multiverse of epic shows!