We are all on a Harry Potter high, aren’t we? Ever since the Harry Potter reunion Return to Hogwarts released, I have tucked myself in a time capsule while re-reading and re-watching the entire franchise. Who cares that I am going to graduate and should be studying for college instead? Magic is magic, period. 

But it seems there was a Harry Potter buff greater than us all, with no less than an eagle’s eye. Well, while we were shipping Emma Watson and Tom Felton all the while crying our hearts out in Diagon Alley, this fan was looking for Easter eggs. And, they found something alright: an awkward editing mistake!

While it’s hard to believe, but it looks like the research team of Return of Hogwarts wasn’t as hyped about the film as we were. In a scene where Emma Watson was reminiscing about her childhood and playing the part of a little Hermione Granger, the editors decided to include a picture that was supposed to be of her when she was a baby. But they really goofed up, as they added a childhood picture of actor Emma Roberts, instead.

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Emma Roberts had shared the picture on her Instagram handle where she is seen sitting at a table wearing Minnie Mouse ears. And, the makers used the same pic to showcase a younger Emma Watson.

Like a good wizard, the producers owned up to the mistake and released a statement to EW:

Well spotted Harry Potter fans! You brought an editing mistake of a mislabeled photograph to our attention. New version up shortly.”. In the age of digital editing, these kinds of lapses are easy to fix but it is still funny that they happen to begin with.

-HP: Return To Hogwarts Producers

When Emma Watson heard about the blunder, she couldn’t resist herself from posting the picture on her Instagram handle and saying that she wasn’t that cute as Emma Roberts. No, Emma, you are still cute.

People reacted to the same on Twitter.

Well, that’s what happens when you are too lazy to research but also, can’t skip the assignment, and end up just searching ‘Emma childhood pictures‘ on Google. I weirdly relate to this person. Please own up, let’s be friends.