It’s been 20 years since Harry Potter first made it into our lives. So naturally, when the cast came together for a reunion, it was emotional. Just tears of joy everywhere. That said, this post obviously contains spoilers. So don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched it yet. Or do, I am not the boss of you. 

1. When the whole cast realised that they were a little older now. 

It has been 20 years afterall. And of course, it was Rupert Grint who came up with the wise words to amplify the passage of time.

I have had kidney stones and a baby, so time has definitely passed.”

-Rupert Grint


2. Emma Watson talks about having a crush on Tom Felton. 

Tom had drawn a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard. And, I just don’t know how to say it, I just fell in love with him… I used to come in every day and look for his number on the call sheet, it was number seven. And if his number was on the call sheet, it was an extra exciting day.

-Emma Watson

The Draco Malfoy actor also loved Watson but saw her more as a little sister he grew protective of. 

Emma and I have always loved each other, really… I became very protective over her. Yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for her, and that continues to the day.

-Tom Felton


3. Daniel Radcliffe was so smitten the amazing Helena Bonham Carter that he once wrote her a love letter. And he read that letter out loud for the rest of us. 

I do love you and I wish I’d just been born 10 years earlier so I might’ve been in with a chance

-Daniel Radcliffe

Oh, poor Daniel. We get you, man. Helena Bonham Carter is freaking awesome and so, so, so cool. 


4. When director Chris Columbus revealed how he tricked Dumbledore actor Richard Harris into believing the animatronic phoenix was real. 

When I say trick, I am being very liberal with that word. Columbus accidentally played the prank on Harris. The phoenix was so lifelike that Harris thought it was a real bird of some kind. Columbus simply didn’t feel the need to correct him. 


5. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson candidly reminisce about playing slaps on the sets. 

You can’t possibly expect to have children on sets or anywhere and not expect a lot of fun, can you?

6. The trio once also held a funeral service for Emma Watson’s hamster. Meanwhile, James and Oliver Phelps recall a scene rehearsal that broke the director’s ribs. 

Of course, they had a funeral for her pet, as they should have. Pets are family and families deserve proper goodbyes. We also want to address the rib breaking stuff but you already know how it is with the twins


7. Emma Watson totally hated the kiss between Ron and Hermione because they were all like siblings. 

The kissing scene on Deathly Hallows Part II, after destroying the Horcrux with a basilisk fang was really uncomfortable for both Grint and Watson. 

Hindustan Times

8. Emma Watson actually seriously thought about quitting the movie series. 

Of course, being a child actor is tough. It’s tougher when you are a woman who grows up in public eyes. The fame can be excruciating at times, and ‘lonely’, as Watson describes it. 

I can see that at times, I was lonely… The fame thing had finally hit home in a big way. No one had to convince me to see it through. The fans genuinely wanted you to succeed, and we all genuinely had each other’s backs. How great is that?

-Emma Watson

Teen Vogue

9. The actors also spoke about how they had become their characters by the end of the series. 

You play such popular and brilliant characters for 10 years or so, especially if you started as a child, it can become a bit of a chip on your shoulder. 

I feel like I lost track of who I was and who the character was and didn’t really know where they ended or began. Weird things — even my name didn’t feel like my name. I felt I really only knew how to do one thing: I knew how to play Ron.

-Rupert Grint


10. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson might be siblings given that they were actually helping each other text their respective crushes. 

The amount of prep and coaching Emma and I would give each other on texting to the opposite sex. Like if she was texting a boy or if I was texting a girl, I would be like, ‘She sent me this many kisses back, what do I do? This is a nightmare.’

-Daniel Radcliffe


It’s on Amazon Prime. Prepare yourself to feel like a child again and go watch it.