There are few things in the world that come close to the comfort and power of a mother’s hug. 

And when we saw these scenes, there was nothing we wanted more than to hug our mothers: 

1. Never Have I Ever: When Nalini breaks down and admits to Devi that she wishes she was the one who died, instead of Mohan. 

Most of us love our parents equally but can find one parent more relatable because parents also have different personalities. In this case, Devi was closer to her father and his loss hit her hard. Right at the end of the season, her mother tearfully acknowledges the same, while reiterating that she may not express her love the same way as her father, but that didn’t mean she loved Devi any less. 

While this moment definitely tugged at our heartstrings, Fabiola’s mother’s open acceptance of her sexual identity was also one of the more memorable scenes from the show

2. Dil Dhadakne Do: When Neelam extends a silent but clear hand of support to Ayesha. 

Throughout the film, Neelam struggles to understand Ayesha’s need for independence – perhaps because she herself has been scared to chase that future.  

But, when Ayesha finally takes the step to put herself first in her marriage, and her mother-in-law starts taunting her (Remember, “itne saal humne invest kiya hai ismein?“) Neelam offers her support to Ayesha. 

That tiny gesture, of holding her hand, gives Ayesha the strength to not back down, no matter what her mother-in-law remarks. 

2. Dil Dhadakne Do: When Neelam extends a silent but clear hand of support to Ayesha. 

Remember that scene when Shashi places the perfect order in English? Well, right before that is when she angrily breaks down and admits to Laurent how her child’s ungrateful behavior hurts her. That’s when we are hit with the realization that while mothers run entire households on their own, we often fail to appreciate their efforts. 

However, one of the last scenes, where Shashi’s son slyly remarks to his sister that Shashi can now speak better English than her is not just a perfect burn but also the ultimate callback. 

4. Juno: When Bren accompanies Juno to the gynaecologist and admonishes the Ultrasound technician for being judgemental. 

Biology alone does not determine motherhood and Juno is the perfect example of that. Juno chooses to give up her child to a woman who she knows will be a far better mother than she could be, because she wasn’t ready to be one. 


And Juno herself experiences love and support from her stepmother, who is quick to call out an ultrasound technician for judging Juno. Because being protective of your child is motherhood 101.

5. Gullak: The opening voiceover, that sums up every desi household, and more importantly, every desi mother’s desire. 

Right at the end of the first episode of the first season, the show’s voiceover not only sets the theme of the show (a peek into the quintessential lower-middle-class Indian family) but also reminds us that a mother’s biggest desire is to simply be heard. 

Such a simple wish, and yet one that many of us are guilty of not being able to fulfill.

6. Stepmom: When Jackie gifts her daughter a personalized quilt, telling her to “always take her along” in life. 

This film is a masterpiece and every scene, from the start till the end, leaves you emotional – then be it the conversation between the two ‘moms’, or the iconic Ain’t No Mountain High Enough dance sequence.  

But, the moment when Jackie prepares her daughter for a future without her, is a sobfest like no other. 

At that moment you can see Jackie being strong for her daughter but also breaking down internally at the thought of all the future moments she will not be alive to see. 

7. Paa: When Vidya’s mother asks her the one question that matters the most when you’re deciding to be a mother – whether you want to be one or not. 

There’s no denying the fact that in the list of Bollywood’s coolest, most woke grandmothers, Auro’s grandmother would be right at the top. But before Auro even comes into the picture, Pallavi proves she is the perfect mom when she brushes aside all of Vidya’s concerns with just one question – do you want the child?

 It’s never easy to go against the tide but having your mother stand by you can do wonders for your confidence. And this scene proves just that! 

8. Kapoor & Sons: When Sunita sets up Arjun’s room again and enquires about Rahul’s “friend” at the end. 

We expect parents, especially mothers, to be flawless. When the reality is, they are humans just like us, learning to be better with each day. 

Whether it’s because of inherent prejudice or just shock at discovering she did not know the truth about her son, but Sunita takes time coming to terms with Rahul’s sexual identity. But ultimately, she does change and accepts the situation. 

Much like how she acknowledges that she inadvertently made Arjun feel less loved. And thus, sets up his room in the house with all his childhood items, making an effort, yet again, to reconnect with her children. 


It’s here that you know, that while she may not be the “ideal mother”, her love for her children is nothing short of perfect. 

9. Wake Up Sid: When Sid realizes that his mother’s attempts to speak English are driven by a desire to connect with him. 

Not only do our mothers belong to a different generation, but in many cases, they didn’t have access to the same resources as we did. And that can cause a difference – as it does with Sid and Sarita. 

But ultimately, as Sid matures, he understands the true reason behind Sarita’s efforts to speak with him in English. And that moment leaves you teary-eyed because you realize the depth of Sarita’s pain at not being able to connect with her son. 

10. Jojo Rabbit: When Jojo’s mother talks to him about love. 

The moment Jojo realizes that his mother is one of the “traitors” hanging in the town square is undoubtedly the most shocking and gut-wrenching scene from the film. 

But personally, the moment that had me missing my mom was when Jojo’s mother talks to him about love, attempting to soften his perception of the world. It’s also an indication of how she knows she does not have the luxury of time – she knows what her future might entail but she still wishes for Jojo to know about the things that value the most.  

It’s a beautiful example of how most mothers never stop putting their children first or thinking about their welfare, even when fighting for other things that matter to them.

11. Big Little Lies: When Mary Louise Wright screams. 

The one thing Big Little Lies nailed is the concept that while no two mothers are alike, what binds them is the love they have for their children. And that’s the love that turns into unparalleled grief when Mary, in the middle of a dinner conversation, literally screams in anguish over the loss of her son. 

It’s a poignant moment because it shows the purity of Mary’s love and the depth of her pain. After all, she is not aware of the kind of adult her son grew up to be. Also, Meryl Streep could make a rock weep! 

Be right back, these tears will only stop after my mom’s hug!