On January 1, 2022 I was one of the many people who decided to spend the first day of the new year lounging in my bed, in my cozy pyjamas. And no, it wasn’t because I was nursing a hangover or too tired to head out (or at least, it wasn’t just these reasons). 

It was because I was excited to see The Harry Potter Reunion. 


Because despite all the new worlds I discovered (Witcher, anyone?) and all the new movies the actors appeared in (Emma as Meg FTW), Harry Potter still finds a way into my Sunday night movie ritual. 


And even though over the years, there are things associated with the franchise that have let me down, the joy, peace, and sense of belonging that Harry Potter offered a misfit like me–who was more comfortable getting lost in a fantasy world, than in reality–can’t be forgotten. 

Simply put, even though it has been over two decades since I first read the books and watched the movies, Hogwarts has always been there to welcome me home – especially when life got tough. 

Naturally then, watching the reunion sounded like the ideal plan to start 2022. And weeping from the second the iconic tune played was as predictable as Hermione aka Emma finding her letter in the middle of a book. 

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From admissions of secret crushes to learning the story behind those epic sets, every new piece of information warmed me like a cold butterbeer in the middle of a London winters. And even though it last for nearly 2 hours, it still didn’t feel enough. 

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And perhaps because I know I can never get enough of Harry Potter, is why the scene with which the reunion ended felt extra special. Because, it ended with Snape’s iconic dialogue from the series – the one where he admits to Dumbledore that he was still in love with Lily.

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Most Harry Potter fans grew up loving the scene from the first time we read about it. However, as we grew up, greater awareness, and multiple discussions about Snape’s character from the film, did make it clear that perhaps, we romanticized a character who edged towards toxicity.

And while I agree with the fact that Snape was not the romantic hero we make him out to be, my appreciation for the scene in the reunion stems from my appreciation for Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Severus Snape. 

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Rickman’s filmography is a masterclass in acting, and Snape is just one of the many characters he brought alive with his inimitale talent. But to see him once again bring alive the scene that made most of us, as kids, view Snape in a different light was like a step back into our childhood. 

And it just felt like the perfect end to the reunion. Because ‘always’ will never just be another word for fans of Harry Potter.