HBO literally screamed “Accio!” last night when all Potterheads were summoned to gather round as the trailer for the Harry Potter Reunion finally released. Needless to say, I am ‘stupefy-d’. Did any year, since I watched Harry Potter, go without me waiting for my Hogwarts letter? No. Did I try Wingardium LeviOsa (yes I get it, Hermione) on a bird feather on the road? Yes. Could I ever get over the wizarding world? Hell no. Have I re-watched the movies time after time to get a bit of that magic? Yes, a hundred times, yes.

My New Year couldn’t have been better, as now I finally have a plan for the day. Releasing on 1st January 2022, this reunion is the one we all had asked for.

The trailer brought back all the memories we have attached with the world of wizards, witches, magic and spells. Harry Potter made our childhood enchanted, and all of us still go back to the comfort Hogwarts provide us with when the life seems too real to deal with. 

Looking at the faces of Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) fascinated by the brilliancy of the Great Hall, we could relate to their expression of nostalgia and the urge to go back to their childhood. I can vividly remember the times years ago when I would watch the three best friends come together and fight evil forces, after school, and wish to be a witch some day. That magic has been recreated. 

When Emma said, “It feels like no time has passed and loads of time has passed,” it felt like the words were meant for us all: can you imagine 20 years have passed since the first movie of the series was released? Time travel surely exists, and Platform 9 ¾ leads the way. 

Even the characters we hate with all our spells, like Voldemort and Bellatrix, felt like a warm hug after days of going on without a destination. Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter, the actors who played them respectively, reminisced about their roles and the stories behind them. None of us can wait to hear what all the cast members have to say about their special moments on the sets!

Emma Watson’s hugs were something I felt even sitting here in front of the screen. As she hugs Tom Felton and later Rupert, the feelings that flowed between them, on seeing each other in the Great Hall after so many years, made me cry. There, at that very place, were they sorted into their Hogwarts houses back then by the (creepy) Sorting Hat! Literal goosebumps. 

While we’ll surely miss the presence of Alan Rickman, as the wizarding world with all the butterbeer will come together, his voice that said “Always” will echo in the corridors of the school and the narrow streets of Diagon Alley. 

Do I miss Harry Potter? Yes. Will I ever stop going back to it? No. Will the magical world live in my heart? Always. 

All images are taken from YouTube.