In the ongoing Citizenship Act protests, students of Jamia University were attacked, inside the campus, by the police personnel. Allegedly, it was an unprovoked attack. 

Jamia Protests
Source: Indusdictum

Many people, including students from other universities, came out in support of the Jamia students. However, India's biggest entertainment industry, Bollywood, has remained largely silent about the issue - except for a few lone voices.

On the other hand, Hollywood actor John Cusack has actually tweeted 'in solidarity' with the students of Jamia, while sharing a video that shows hurt students hiding in a washroom. 

In fact, this isn't the first time he has tweeted about the contentious Citizenship Act.

It is important to remember, that irrespective of what stand you take about a bill or an act, actions that threaten our country's democracy should be condemned.