Sometimes we just know when a relationship is nearing its end. I mean, it could be because of a lack of feelings or just people heading in different directions. 

But if you think this is the only case then you might have to think again. We found a thread on Reddit where people got honest about the times when they just knew the relationship has run its course and how. 

Content Warning: Graphic & Racist Content 

1. “When I realized that he had literally never asked me anything about myself apart from how my day was. Once. Zero curiosity.” – pseudosmurf

2. “When he put his hands on me in an aggressive not okay way.” – Vulturette

3. “When 3 days after admitting that she cheated and had sex with her previous boss, after 9 months of denying my suspicions and projecting on me, she said “are you going to get over it already, or just hold this over my head forever” – Ok-Entertainment2272

4. “He tried moving into my on-campus apartments when he had off-campus housing, and then turned off multiple alarms on my phone so I’d miss class and hang out with him more. I broke up with him less than 48 hours later.” – passatcar

5. “He threw an axe into a fridge during a drunken arguement. For a split second I thought that axe was going to get thrown at me. And that is the moment I decided a 6 year relationship had to end.” – Dreamcatchertabbycat

6. “When he called my dad to tell on me after a fight that he thought would end in “make up sex.” He told my dad that I “wasn’t acting right even though he was being a gentleman.” – EmmyTheSweet

7. “Found out a day later she was cheating while she was “out with friends”. And that she had fallen for the guy she was cheating on me with.” – We1tfunk

8. “We’re going back a while here, but she cheated on me, I took her back, and a week later she cheated on me again. I found myself thinking, I could snap her neck and throw her in the dumpster, and no one would suspect me because on the surface we have the perfect relationship. Then I was like holy shit, I’m literally contemplating murder. Yeah, this isn’t healthy.” – m31td0wn 

9. “When I got into a car accident and he asked if I really needed him to fly back home to take care of me.” – UnderstoodBlockOWood

10. “When she told me she missed her ex and wanted to get back together with him. Like an idiot I didn’t break up with her and she broke it off 2 months later.” – 

11. “When she spit in my face during an argument.” – Banff_Beer

12. “She said are you going to take a shower? I said probably, why? She said you need to, you played basketball with all those black guys. Thats the exact moment I knew I would never love her again.” – Ask_me_4_a_story

13. “When she spent the mortgage payment on Facebook games.” – Wintersfall

14. “My boyfriend (now ex) was in hospital getting an operation and I made plans to visit afterwards. When the operation was completed the next day, I really didn’t want to see him. I had no desire to hug him or kiss him. I didn’t even care about how he was feeling. I was like a shell going to see a man I had no feeling for. This was 5 years in and I knew I was 100% ready to leave.” – Little_Hobbitt

15. “When she decided that I could no longer have friends she didn’t like, because they were taking attention from me that should have been given to her.” – throwitallaway2364

Yikes, I didn’t have to go through something like this but it still hurts a lot.