So many of us have grown up listening and dancing to Falguni Pathak’s iconic songs. So, it was almost a heartbreak when we found our old loves remade into something different by Neha Kakkar. The singer released the song, O Sajna, which is a remake of singer Maine Payal Hai Chhankai, a fan favourite by Falguni Pathak.

falguni pathak neha kakkar
Source: HT

It looked like Falguni wasn’t very happy either as she shared stories posted by netizens criticizing the remake. And then Neha Kakkar made some cryptic comments saying, “If talking in such a manner, saying such bad things about me, abusing me…makes them feel good and if they think it will ruin my day. Then I’m sorry to inform them that I’m too blessed to have bad days. This God’s child is always happy because God himself/herself is keeping me happy.” And it seemed like a feud between the two have ensued.

But to everyone’s surprise, the duo appeared on Indian Idol 13‘s Navratri special episode, singing and playing dandiya.

And the netizens felt betrayed

But some others came in support of Falguni, saying the episode was shot much earlier and she wasn’t aware of the song.

Whether it was all scripted or not, one thing is certain, we as a generation have major trust issues.