The Fame Game marks the digital debut of actor Madhuri Dixit. The thriller show that released on 25 February on Netflix, revolves around a Bollywood actor, Anamika Anand who suddenly goes missing one day and everything that follows after this incident.

In the web series, Anamika is shown having a special bond with her children. She aims at being there for both her son Avi and daughter Amara. There are some heartwarming scenes and conversations between her and Avi, that bring them closer emotionally.


There’s one strong scene in the show that focuses on an important conversation. After finding out that Avi took the services of a sex worker, Anamika holds a discussion with him. The scene starts with her asking where he’d been, and it starts to look like a conversation where a parent confronts the child because they do not agree with their choices.


However, it takes a turn – an important one at that. Anamika not only confronts Avi but also questions him, asking about the name of the woman he was with. 

When Avi is left baffled, Anamika reminds him that he has no right to disrespect that woman, because of her profession. It’s a choice she made and being a sex worker does not make her any less worthy of respect or basic human courtesy. For me, this is one scene that stands out from the entire series.

We often lose sensitivity and in turn, cannot empathise with a person just because we cannot relate with their choices. A sex worker deserves just as much respect as anyone of us. The profession or background doesn’t give us any right to demean them as people. Anamika’s stand brings up a very important picture of how we see and treat sex workers in our society.