Marking superstar Madhuri Dixit’s first foray into the streaming space, the most-awaited show The Fame Game was recently released on Netflix. Although the show attempted to traverse through the underbelly of fame, it only managed to tie up some of the loose ends.

However, throughout the eight-episode-show, what surprised us (and offered some giggles) were the moments it took a dig at Bollywood itself. Isn’t it interesting to see them commenting on the industry, especially when they’re on the same side of the fence? Continue reading as you’ll need ice to treat those savage burns.

1. When Anamika casually mocks a young privileged actor. 

Nobody is a stranger to the underlying truth about the privileged young actors. But, how PR becomes a factor for a film’s success in recent times, is captured aptly in this scene. When a young actress seeks Anamika, a veteran actor’s blessings for her upcoming film, the latter throws shade by claiming that with PR and stylists her film will be a smash, even if she lacks talent.

2. When Sanjay Kapoor’s character expresses his disgust towards older stars romancing younger actresses.

The age-gap in Bollywood no longer catches us off guard, it has become the standard in our film industry. Nonetheless, when Nikhil More (Sanjay Kapoor), a producer, critically slams older actors paired with super young actresses, it simply hits home.

3. The series was also bold enough to comment on the actors’ comeback.

Madhuri and Manav’s characters were portrayed to have been in the industry for three decades before making a long-awaited comeback to the screen. The filmmakers’ constant anxiety over whether the film will be profitable at the box office or not brilliantly encapsulated the plight of mature actors in the industry.

4. The show poked fun at nepotism through the superstar’s daughter.

Apparently Amara, Ananmika Anand’s daughter, amidst her phase of self-acceptance, gets rejected in an audition. Next, she publicly rants about how that’s ‘not fair’ because she is a superstar’s daughter and ‘deserves’ to be a star. Consequently, she goes viral for this statement and is trolled online. This sequence clearly highlights many ‘struggles’ of the starlets without taking names.

5. When it highlighted why commercial films thrive better than art films.

Undoubtedly, in the race of earning profits, art has time and again suffered. Not only did the show poke fun at Bollywood, but also at its audience. They don’t say it out loud, but the dialogues are enough to paint a picture of the films they’re referring to.

I can’t be the only one going ‘damn!’ after these scenes, right?

All images are screenshots from the show. You can watch ‘The Fame Game’ on Netflix.