The final season of Money Heist was full of emotions. While the heist had to be completed, we see the entire gang saddened by the shocking death of Tokyo (Ursula Corbero), including the Professor.

Everyone else in the gang also let their emotions flow like Alicia finding comfort in Professor’s company and Manila expressing her feelings for Denver.

One scene that even the audience shed tears is the one where the entire gang celebrates and dances to the song Bella Ciao for the last time.

They pay tribute to members they lost along the way and celebrate the almost impossible victory of taking out 90 tons of gold through a pipeline.

The scene comes midway in the final season when Benjamin confirms that the last nuggets came out of the pipeline on the other end.

The gang members are overwhelmed with emotions and start hugging each other. It’s like so many people’s dreams coming true together.

And while the gang did not know what was to come next, they lived that one moment like there’s no tomorrow.

This scene got most of the viewers crying. How could it not?

This scene is so wholesome. For many of us, the heist got completed here only. (There are 2.5 more episodes after this.)