The purpose and the product in an Indian TV advertisement are poles apart. Oh, and did I mention most of them have divorced logic too? Well, you know it. But what you’re going to see next is more unpredictable than your crush’s next move (at least you know that your crush will ghost you).

You may be marvelled by the MCU, but Rajashree Pan Masala ads featuring Annu Kapoor coalesce into a cinematic universe you didn’t know you needed. Kapoor, with a poised demeanour begins addressing the evils of society, and just when you think the ad will end with jan hit mein jaari, a Rajashree Pan Masala flashes on your screen and catches you off guard.

Brace yourself. 

1. Did you know? The pure and pious idea of adoption will only occur to you if the flavours of Rajashree Pan Masala twist your ‘soch’.  

2. One of the cruellest social evils- Dowry is addressed by Kapoor so seriously that you would want to give him a Nobel Prize for his sincere public service until his Pan masala packet pops up right on your screen.

3. The way Kapoor refers to your old clothes as someone’s new brand new clothes will ignite the fire in your soul. I wish it ended right there. 

4. Yeah, jal jeevan hai, as if you jeevan is unaffected by incessant chewing of Pan masala. *Cue hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai.*

In all honesty, though, ekdum se waqt badal diye, jazbaat badal diye, zindagi badal di.