After tragically watching a bunch of bizarre ads on Indian TV, if you’re wondering that they can’t get worse, here’s another ad to butcher your assumption. Today, we crossed paths with *drumrolls* Rajashree Pan Masala ad featuring Annu Kapoor, and honestly, this ad is a real-life illustration of dhoka. 

Anu Kapoor, dropping the words of wisdom, started off by emotionally connecting us with the concept of child adoption. I genuinely thought the next line would be jan hit mein jaari but no, a pan masala packet pops up on the screen and Annu Kapoor gives that smile.

I feel cheated. 

Next time when you feel awful about your ex cheating on you, watch this and feel good. 

Naturally, Twitter didn’t see this plot twist coming and feels deceived (just like me).

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Now tell me, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like plot twists?