A lot has happened in the last decade. We met Bagwati, crooned to Kolaveri D, and tripped, literally and figuratively, to Dhinchak Pooja's songs.  

But, nothing could have prepared us for the ultimate throwback that former Masterchef Australia judge and chef, George Calombaris served us - of the time he met actor Hrithik Roshan. 

Yes, two of our (I can't be the only one who feels this), most favourite men got together one Bollywood party, a decade ago, and we didn't even know about it! 

George and Hrithik
Source: Instagram/George

So what if Instagram was a distant reality at the time and most of us were teenagers, barely out of college? 

George shared the image, cheekily commenting on Hrithik Roshan's massive Instagram following (32.7 million) while also admitting that Hrithik was a proper gentleman. Of course, the comments came reeling in.

What a throwback!