We’re the kind of film fanatics who sit down with a pen and paper in hand to filter out suspects even before the protagonist of the show can do so. Netflix’s latest small-town murder mystery Aranyak prompted us to exhibit the exact same behaviour with a story that gripped us more with every passing episode. 

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While the mainstream opinion might be obsessing over Raveena Tondon’s stunning comeback on screen, which is reasonable; we can’t help but celebrate Parambrata Chattopadhyay dominating the screen as the protagonist!


Some actors leave an indelible mark in our minds by showcasing the immense talent they are filled with, regardless of the screen time. Chattopadhyay is one such actor.

He first caught my attention when he made his Bollywood debut in Kahaani (2012). Albeit Vidya Balan was the lead and the second lead was undisputedly… the city of Kolkata, Chattopadhyay criminally stole our hearts playing the cop. How ironic!

Kahaani (2012)

Slipping into the skin of Inspector Satyaki Sinha in Sujoy Ghosh’s thriller, this cop-saviour who relentlessly helped a pregnant woman trace her missing husband, broke protocols and most importantly made a room in our hearts.


Chattopadhyay and Balan have a long history together. He co-starred with Vidya Balan in her debut film Bhalo Theko (2003) and life came full circle when they both, again, acted alongside in his debut film Kahaani.


In Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi (2020) which was screened at 21st Mumbai Film Festival, Chattopadhyay shines as the youngest and most responsible brother Nishant. 

He worked alongside Konkona Sen Sharma and they played a couple who had a turbulent marital life. In the thick of it all, we were fortunate enough to be swayed by the magnetic presence of two supremely talented actors on screen at the same time.


In Pari (2018), he played Anushka’s love-interest, and was so exceptional that they went down as one of the fresher pairs in Bollywood, owing to their chemistry.   

His charisma lies in his simplicity, as he dazzles in every frame with his presence.


In Bulbull (2020), he played DR. Sudip, a physician on a mission who strives to introduce people to contemporary ideas. Needless to say, his character was once again profound and refreshing.  

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He also appeared in the web series named Black Widows (2020) and Kolkata-comedy Tika Tika (2020), both streaming on Zee5.


However, this actor’s success in the Hindi film industry is only the tip of the iceberg. He has an extensive history as a well-known Bengali actor and director. Apur Panchali, Feluda, Hemlock Society and Hawa Bodol, to name a few.

Watching Chattopadhyay in Netflix’s Aranyak was heart-warming as his layered character had different shades, concealed behind one. A cop whom we would follow into the war!


Believing in the potential of OTT platforms, we hope to see more of Chattopadhyay in mainstream movies, who disappoints never and impresses always.