Gehraiyaan opened to mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. But, one thing is for sure – a lot of people watched it. While some did it for the actors and the storyline, others wanted to understand the hype. 

There’s however one more type of the audience – the kind that watches films with open eyes, literally. A tweet was shared by Chloe-Amanda Bailey, a journalist who pointed out a mistake in the film and we are still wondering how we missed it.

This tweet was shared with two pictures of Tia’s character, played by Ananya Panday from the same scene in the film. She can be seen using a glass which changes within the scene, without her putting it down. Seems like someone missed out on the continuity checks. 

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Twitterati had a mixed response here, as well – some are praising the observation and others cannot help but laugh about it. Oh, and some even found a similar mistake in another film.

You’re going to watch the scene yourself, aren’t you?