Our society has a terrible obsession with meddling in a woman’s life and holding her answerable for choices that are really none of anyone’s business.

Amazon Prime Video‘s Guilty Minds, directed by Shefali Bhushan, owing to its premise of courtroom drama, used its potential well to challenge many conventional thoughts that will automatically elicit an opinion in the minds of the viewers. 


In one of the cases that were argued upon by the lawyers, a feisty founder of a start-up company named Lata Jha (Niya Kumar), who opted to bear a child through the IVF procedure, thoroughly impressed us with her little screen time.

As mentioned above, Lata, hailing from the small town of Begusarai, desired to have a baby through unconventional means, and naturally, society couldn’t wrap its head around this. When a child is basically nothing more than a ‘bhagwaan ki den’, a woman who chooses to have a child through science is bound to offend people around her, even her parents.  

But what was interesting to witness here was how the character, despite being trapped in a legal mess, was unfazed and unapologetic right from the start.

She understands that others will ask questions out of curiosity, and she’s willing to answer them, but anyone who attempts to put her down will be met with rage!

In conversation with her mother, who had arrived to morally police her, Lata delivered a brilliant monologue that deserved our bow!

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Art emulates life but at times, it can influence lives too. Accommodating a bold and fierce character like Lata, who brazenly refuses to be dictated on how to live her life, is exactly what Indian web shows have got right. 

All images are screenshots from Amazon Prime Video unless specified otherwise.