So it’s no news that our OG badass 41-yeara-old inspiration Gul Panag has defied the process of aging. Even after embracing motherhood at the age of 39, she still manages to look in her early 20s.   

As I was stalking this gorgeous lady to find the elixir from the fountain of youth that she’s been chugging to look as radiant as ever, I came across the most adorable #MondayMotivation post of all. 

Gul Panag had posted a series of pictures where Nihal, her toddler son was following the footsteps of his super-fit mother and working out with her.

 It was literally the cutest, most wholesome thing I saw on the internet that made my day and I really couldn’t stop gushing over this little munchinkin trying to touch his toes with his knees straight. I mean this toddler’s form and posture is way better than mine. 

Now along with these adorable pictures, “Cool” Panag who has been juggling motherhood, with being a full-time pilot, a fitness fanatic and a part-time actor, producer wrote something about being a role model to her 2 and a half-year-old son that really touched my heart: 

In putting my best foot forward, I hope that I will become the best version of me, while being an example for my son to emulate. 

Gul Panag who has often broken the glass ceiling and shattered various stereotypes while comforting various women who were worried about their biological lock also spoke about the art of procrastination. 

Turns out just like everybody else, Gul Panag felt that way too. But unlike alot of us (including yours truly), she knows how to conquer the art of making excuses and get right back at her feet.  

Despite functioning on a few hours of sleep, she managed to work out, take care of her child, bath two dogs, and handwash her whites and go to office. I mean I literally had to catch my breath reading these out loud. 

Even though Gul Panag makes motherhood look very easy with her adorable toddler, she let us in on the struggles and hard work that goes behind all that. 

With this post, she wasn’t afraid to admit that it’s tiring to juggle all these things together and strike the perfect balance, she was willing to embrace the struggles and the feeling of procrastination  she has ( which she flawlessly overcomes). Check out the entire post here:

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#mondaymotivation is this little creature for who I must always be a role model. Because he just copies me. 💁🏻‍♀️ In putting my best foot forward, I hope that I will become the best version of me, while being an example for my son to emulate. Did a decent job of conquering Monday, if I may say so my self. After making about 11 excuses as to why I can’t go exercise ( including but not limited to child being sick, not sleeping, thus not letting me sleep, that it’s noon already, the morning is gone, etc etc) I made it to the little gym in our building, offspring in tow. Post which bathed said offspring, and his rather long glorious hair, two dogs, hand washed my white shirts & blouses, cleaned the bathroom ( of dog hair ). Fed and put offspring to bed for his nap. Went to office, visited tailor ( for alterations), answered 55 emails, and quality time with spouse . Too much information? On the contrary, I look back at the day as one of accomplishments, when the normal tendency would be to look at the day and say so much still to do!

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Netizens reaction to this superwoman mother is quite wholesome: