In today’s episode of how low we can stoop with journalism in our country, we have a news headline revolving around Deepika Padukone and her co-star Siddhant Chaturvedi. 

Considering the buzz Gehraiyaan, starring the aforementioned actors has created on the Internet, we are eagerly counting down the days till we can stream it on our screens. 

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Although this Shakun Batra film that aims to portray complexities of relationships is hitting the news headlines for all the right reasons, there is a specific news coverage that didn’t sit well with the citizens of the Internet. 

Informal Newz

In an article published by a digital news portal called Informal Newz, the headline, out of all things, underlines Deepika locking lips with one of Ranveer’s former co-stars, Siddhant. The headline is pathetic on so many grounds, we don’t know where to begin. But here we give it a shot.

How can this patriarchal society exist in peace if a married woman’s actions do not circle around her husband?

Telegraph India

This headline pulls in Ranveer Singh, who, in fact, has nothing to do with the film or its poster. For the uninitiated, Ranveer has co-starred with Siddhant in Gully Boy 3 years ago and has absolutely zero relevance with the upcoming film.

Moving forward, offering a pointless erotic viewpoint for a few hundred likes, may grab eyeballs but carries no credibility. 

Don’t make it sound like a massive reveal. These are films and the actors, just like you and me, are doing their jobs. Sadly, they are not the only website, and this is not the first time, that sleazy coverages and headlines have been used to boost likes.

Lastly, if you care to notice (which you certainly do) that’s not even a lip-lock! If they were desperate to report on ‘this aspect’, they could’ve at least waited for the film to release but you know, patience is a virtue that not everyone has.

Okay, enough with the gags. This headline has irked many Internet users. Let’s take a peek into their thoughts.

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We’ve successfully unlocked 2022, can we now get past this journalistic behaviour please?