Kangana Ranaut was once known for her bold statements that called people out for their out of line behaviour, yet she seems to have become the person who people can’t help but calling out today. 


Sadly, her statements have gotten progressively abrasive with time, and so we thought it’d be interesting to rank the actor’s statements from best to worst. Take a look.


This one time she refused to take part in encouraging colourism and understood her role as a public figure. 

Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood the concept of fairness. As a public figure, I have responsibilities, accepting an offer to endorse a fairness cream brand would be a direct insult to my own sister Rangoli who is dusky yet beautiful.  

-Kangana Ranaut

When she really hit the spot and made us all clap for saying something all women have thought at least once in their lives.

We need to encourage our women for being who they are as opposed to trying to box them and fit them – this one is attractive, this one is behenji types, this one is intellectual and this one is a baddie – a badass who has boyfriends and wears clothes like this.

-Kangana Ranaut

When she called out the nepotism brigade. And that too on Koffee With Karan. 

The time she forthrightly called out Indian award ceremonies. 

I will not attend award ceremonies as they are merely for commercial purposes..

-Kangana Ranaut

When she shut down archaic slurs used against women by responding to Adhyayan Suman’s allegations about her being a ‘Daayan.’ 

When they’re jealous of a woman’s success, the first thing she becomes is a daayan. If she’s crazily successful, she becomes a psychopath. If she’s sexually active, she becomes a whore. I’ve played a whore on screen, and my close interaction with prostitutes has allowed me to be extremely empathetic to them. So it doesn’t work on me. Witches – I love Shakespeare, and like any other artist, I’m also smitten by witches, or faeries, or demons, or Gods, or mysticism, or romanticism. It doesn’t scare me.

-Kangana Ranaut


The time Mumbai started feeling like PoK to her. 


When she made this very confusing statement about the Indian civilisation. 

When she decided to slut-shame Rihanna because unlike her she’s not a ‘Sanghi Naari.’


The time she thought that she was the only person cool enough to wear ripped jeans. 

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When she did the whole calling Urmila Matondkar’s work ‘soft porn’ thing.


Most recently, how she called Vikrant Massey a cockroach!


And let’s not forget what she tweeted about Ayushmann Khurrana.



The time she threw shade at an old woman that was seen in the Farmer’s protest. Which then lead to the most talked-about Twitter spat between her and Diljit Dosanjh. 


The time she went ahead and mocked mental health and an illustrator cum activists’ appearance. 


The time she made derogatory remarks about Dalit and Adivasi bureaucrats. 

Side effects of reservations, when unworthy and undeserving gets the power they don’t heal they only hurt, I don’t know anything about her personal life but I guarantee that her frustration is stemming out of her incompetence.

-Kangana Ranaut

The time she blatantly compared her house in Mumbai being demolished by the BMC to getting raped.


The time she expressed her rather problematic views on the consequences she thought were appropriate for people who hurt ‘religious sentiments’ of Hindus.


When she also called farmers from the farmer’s protest terrorists. 


Let’s just hope she has no more shocking things to say.