I read somewhere, there is no one we have less in common with than our past selves who wrote Facebook statuses in 2014. Clearly, we have graduated a long way from posting food porn and OOTDs to turning our casual online presence into a side hustle. Yes, it does need a little more effort than merely slapping a filter on that cute #Lewk today, but with the right content, anyone (and we mean anyone!) can earn that Kardashian-level clout too!

So recently, when I heard everyone talking about this new short-video app called ‘Escaype Live’ my curiosity was piqued. Even though it’s not been launched in India, the app is already being called a revolutionary move in the world of social media. What’s up with that? 

But what does it do? Does it have any special new features that the rest of the short-video making apps don’t? There are so many questions, but for now we only know that it’s the hottest new trend that has set everyone talking. And from what I’ve heard, we will have to wait till 26th April for more information. *scratches head*

So far we know that we’ll be able to make content on it that offers a close and personal look into our lives. This means we genuinely get to behave like we’re already famous from the very first video that we put out! Sounds fun right? Even influencers are making a big deal about it without giving a full picture, testing levels of my patience I didn’t know existed. Check out what dancer Rakhi Sawant has to say about it.

Effervescent YouTuber Dhinchak Pooja also looks pretty stoked about the app and the bank of opportunities it’s going to bring along for the users. She has composed a new anthem on ‘Escaype Live’ and it hasn’t stopped ringing in my head.   

Y’all remember influencer Saloni’s adorable dadi, right? Well, she’s back on popular demand, and is asking us all to brace ourselves for this cool new app. 

Digital creators SagarcasmUrfi Javed, and Faisal Shaikh also took to their Instagram handles to express their excitement for the app launch. 

Being famous and successful sounds pretty fabulous. But if rising to fame for genuine talent was easy then everyone would do it. The truth is, it can take months, if not years of hard work and dedication. There is so much talent in us Indians that is still yet to be discovered, honed, and celebrated. ‘Escaype Live’ looks like a bona fide platform for all the hustlers. And looking at all the buzz on Twitter around it, I cannot help but wonder if our ride to making it big and building a strong community of followers online becomes less bumpier. 

Well, looks like we all have to hold on tight to find out more about the app as it officially launches on 26th April. Are you excited?