Netflix’s latest three-part docuseries House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths gives us insights into the mysterious deaths of 11 family members of the Chundawat family in their home in Burari, North Delhi.

The nature of the deaths led to intense speculations among the media and members of the society. Further, the sensationalist coverage by media made it difficult for the remaining family members.

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Narayani Devi, the head of the family, who was found lying dead on the floor, had 5 children. Of them only 2 survived.

The eldest son Dinesh Singh Chundawat, had been living in Rajasthan at the time of the incident. One of her daughters, Sujata Nagpal, was settled in Panipat.

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Dinesh is a contractor in the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. He did not move to Burari when the family moved and chose to stay in Rajasthan instead. He told the Hindu

Our entire family was in Rajasthan, in and around Sawa village. We did not want to cut ties. Also, I liked open spaces, something which Delhi did not have. Bhavnesh (the second sibling) and his wife came along and we thought we would set up a business together.
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In the 1990s, Bhavnesh and his family and Pratibha (another sibling) moved to Burari and all of them started living together.

The two surviving siblings still do not believe that the rest of their family members were into occult and that they died as a result of a failed ritual.

Dinesh, spent 8 years in Saudi Arabia from 1978-86 working as a manager in a sales firm. He now  lives in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Sujata apparently continues to live in Panipat.

There is not much known about Bhavnesh’s eldest son who left the home, since the family has understandably maintained a low profile because of all the unwarranted media attention.


The infamous house inside which the incident happened is currently occupied by two families of tenants currently. The ground floor of the house now hosts Dhruv Diagnostics Laboratory run by Dr. Mohan Singh Kashyap and his family. They moved into the house in January 2020.

The rent is apparently is very low. The Kashyaps are living in the house at a rent of only ₹10,000 per month.

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The two siblings are not satisfied with the police probe and maintain that their family did not commit suicide.

Watch House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths on Netflix to know what really happened.