Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the show yet, kindly refrain from scrolling down.

A lead actor in a brothel? Check. A goosebumps-inducing labour scene? Check. A competent jousting tourney? Check. Chopping of balls? Check. Game of Thrones is officially back baby!

House of the Dragon, the sister series of Game of Thrones has resurrected from the ashes of the latter’s murdered finale, narrating the real history of unreal but believable events. This series is based on author George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and takes us 200 years before the fantasy universe of GOT, showcasing its potential in the pilot episode.

Here are the 10 scenes that prompted us to feel this prequel will surpass the original.

1. When Rhaenyra Targaryen magnificently lands from her dragon Syrax’s back. 

Right from the first frame, Rhaenyra Targaryen is portrayed as a sharp-witted princess who rejects the notion that women should only be valued as birth-givers. While in GOT, we patiently watched Daenerys being a meek character in the initial episodes, it was electrifying to witness Rhaenyra brazenly riding her dragon Syrax’s back. Because she spends more time playing around with the gigantic creatures, her parents often find it troubling that she reeks of dragons.

2. When Aemma Targaryen asserts to her husband King Viserys that this will be her last pregnancy 

“Nothing will cause the babe to grow a cock if it does not already possess one,” proclaims Aemma Targaryen.

Although this prequel is set almost 200 years before GOT, the women are bold and rock-ribbed. It is well illustrated in the scene where Aemma Targaryen asserts to her husband, who is apparently the king, that she won’t bear any more infants in her womb, whether or not he gets his heir.

3. Daemon Targaryen’s speech to the City Watch soldiers before the public brutality.  

The episode plugged in its first utterly violent scene where Daemon Targaryen, along with his soldiers of the City Watch brutally slice off the heads, hands, and balls of the inhabitants of King’s Landing under the garb of punishing the criminals when all he wanted was to demonstrate his power in front of the masses. Props to the way he addressed his soldiers before proceeding, it made us scream, “GOT is back baby!”

4. The sex scenes featuring Daemon Targaryen 

The first sexual encounter in GOT was honoured by the iconic Tyrion Lannister and the show gained quite a reputation for its uncensored sex scenes ever since. Nonetheless, the first sex scene featuring Daemon Targaryen revealed a bigger picture than just a few awkward thrusts. We were introduced to Daemon’s mistress Mysaria who fed his mind with what he wanted to hear, clueing us that she will have a substantial role to play in influencing Daemon in the wars to come.

5. The face crashing in the jousting tourney 

The jousting tourney was the biggest triumph of The heirs Of The Dragon. It was our cue to know that this spinoff may transcend the original. The scene where Daemon enjoys playing the bully and dismounts Gwayne Hightower’s horse to embarrass the Hand of the King uncovered a lot about his personality. Ser Criston was introduced quite well, and he will undoubtedly be a key figure in the upcoming wars. 

6. The excruciating birthing scene 

The goosebumps-inducing scene as the sweating, bloodied queen laboured valiantly to deliver her breech child made us shiver in misery. The blood-spattered bedding gave us a hint as to how far this prequel may go in demonstrating just how desperate a king might be for his male heir.

7. When the council assembles to discuss the matter of the king’s succession right after the funeral of his wife and son.

For the sake of stability of the realm or perhaps to save the kingdom from the tyranny of Daemon after King Viserys, the council does not flinch away from summoning a meeting right at the time the king is mourning the death of his wife and son.

8. When the king’s Hand sent his daughter Alicent to visit the king in his chambers wearing her mother’s clothes. 

Otto, the King’s hand, is obedient yet frequently finds himself in the situation of being overruled by Daemon and others in the council. The scene where he asks his daughter Alicent to console the king in his chambers after his wife passes away insinuates that he wants the king to marry his daughter.

9. When King Viserys confront Daemon about not declaring him as his heir anymore. 

Daemon literally celebrated his rise in the whorehouse while his family was mourning. The fuming king announces that Daemon is no longer his heir and sends him off to Runestone to his lady wife. This scene indicated Daemon’s forthcoming vengeance.  

10. When the King gives his daughter Rhaenyra a pep talk about his history, suggesting that she is his chosen heir.

The king finally declares his daughter Rhaenyra who solely deserved the crown and reveals the family’s inherited secret of the terrible winter’s winds from the north, and discusses Aegon’s dream of The Song of Ice and Fire. 

The pilot episode left us wanting for more would be an understatement.