While many Bollywood celebrities have chosen to stay silent or post ambiguous messages in the light of students at Jamia University protesting and getting hurt, there is one who stands apart. Savdhaan India anchor, Sushant Singh was seen protesting the CAA and his video went viral. 

However, in a tweet that night, the actor revealed that his contract with Savdhaan India was ended. As soon as the news came out, people began wondering if it had something to do with him standing in protest. 

Indian Express

In an interview with PTI, the actor stated that he wasn’t given notice. 

Contractually, it has to be a month’s notice, but to shoot during that time or not is up to them. I don’t want to link both these things. I went for the protest and then in the night, I got the message that this will be my last day of shoot. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe this was planned. I don’t want to speculate.
Bollywood Papa

He added that even if he lost his show because of his social actions, it was a small price to pay for what we are facing. 

If that is the price, I am more than willing to pay for it as it is about the future of my country, about kids. Maybe, I will earn less. It is a flimsy thing to even think about. I am hopeful, thanks to all the students and all those who are supporting it. We are not dead as society and collective consciousness can change things, we have seen that. 

-Sushant Singh

In another interview, he added that his talent was enough to get him by and he isn’t ready to compromise on his ethics for work. 

As for fear of losing work, I cannot comment on others’ choices. But for me, I have a very simple principle. I sell my talent, not my conscience. When my kids grow up and ask me what I was doing when students were being tortured, I should have an answer. 

-Sushant Singh to Indian Express

Star Bharat is yet to respond to these questions being raised on social media. In the past, the actor has also spoken up about the #MeToo movement, standing in support of the survivors.