Saying that Indian TV shows have a flair for the dramatic, is an understatement. They have a flair for the most overexaggerated plots and weirdly directed scenes. It’s like they’ve got a competition going on, to see who makes less sense, because not a day passes by when we do not come across such scenes.

This time, love defies all laws of physics, or well, basic common sense. In this scene, a guy falls off the roof during a celebration and luckily for him, the woman who loves him, follows him using a kite. Now, they certainly would have extracted an entire episode for this one storyline, but it still doesn’t explain the slow-motion falling, where everyone gets enough time to react first and then take action. I mean, you could take a nap, come back and he’d still be falling.

Quite literally falling in love, the woman somehow grabs a giant kite and ‘flies’ with it. I’m hoping that she saves him in this “believable scene” or what’s the point, right?

The internet had a hard time watching this scene, and these comments are proof.

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Kite-astra, y’all.