If a celeb gets married and the outfit isn’t by Sabyasachi, be rest assured that something’s absolutely wrong, because such an ignominy was never heard of. From Priyanka’s ballgown-esque embroidered red lehenga, to Anushka’s intricately embellished blush pink one, every Sabyasachi ensemble screams of pure elegance and fashion. 

Well, not only is his designs such extra and maximalist, but so is his mansion in Kolkata. The mansion, a 7,250 sqft two-storey residence, with rooms converted into walk-in closets, a posh living room and a special working space, his house is nothing less than a 21st-century mansion.

Let’s take a peek into the world of fashion, glamour and lavishness of this palatial residence!


The living room, with its teak staircase and a grand chandelier hanging above, surely steals the show with such rich a decorations! 

The walls of this opulent room are painted with a shade of green to match the lush garden that lies outside this luxurious space.

As the picture says in the caption, we know that interior designing is safe as long as its in the hands of Sabyasachi.

Stocked with exclusive designer pieces he picked up from his trips and complete with indoor plants, this kitchen-cum-conservatory is a cooking space of dreams.

Vintage elegance, comfort and a personal touch completes the designer’s abode.

The background, spelling its form as straight out of a majestic heritage palace, is none but Sabyasachi’s home.

And I just can’t emphasize enough on the lush greenery of this garden, just like an oasis somewhere in Kolkata.

This mansion fulfils every fantasy of my classic modern-day Indian princess desires. Brb stalking the Insta handle of Sabyasachi for more peeks into this lavish space.