As much as we want, we don’t all turn out to be great artists. Or even decent artists. Or even below-average. Sometimes, the love for your art is not enough and everything you make turns out to be bad. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t done with mindfulness.

That’s also the concept of this Instagram page, which celebrates sketches that are bad but carefully drawn. Very carefully.

1. Taaliyan bajti rehni chahiye.

2. Close enough.

3. Given how he started, the painting turned out to be pretty good.

4. Historic.

5. Swiftly liking this one.

6. Topical sketch.

7. Arijit Singh here looks like he has heard too much of Arijit Singh.

8. Strange indeed.

9. Looks like he was smoking up with Jaadu.

10. Sonu the saviour, couldn’t be saved.

11. It’s wonderful how you can always tell who it is.

12. Hate this journey for Moira.

These artists need to keep at it.