When we talk about celebs being trolled, I think it is safe to say that female celebs face way more flak than their male contemporaries. If you take a closer look at the kind of comments women receive, it’s easy to see that many female celebs get shamed and demonized for the most minute and random things. 

And not only this, but the amount of times female celebs have been trolled for things male celebrities are rarely ever judged for, is uncountable. Here’s a look at a few of the most unfair examples of women being judged and trolled for the weirdest things, while men received no criticism for the same:

1. Janhvi Kapoor Vs Ibrahim Ali Khan: Being trolled for choice of clothes at restaurants/clubs.

In a video captured by the paparazzi, Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Panday are seen walking out of their cars towards a restaurant/club. And in the comments section, people went as far as to slut shame the two! The comments shamed their clothes, and then their character. *How unpredictable, right?*


As opposed to people’s reaction to Ibrahim Ali Khan’s public appearance. 

It’s not that there were no negative comments on Ibrahim Ali Khan’s images. It’s that none of them shamed him for wearing what he wanted, or took it as far as to sexualize him and degrade his character. Rather, the comments targetted the incessant mobbing by paparazzi.


2. Kareena Kapoor Khan Vs Saif Ali Khan: For prioritizing their personal/professional lives along with parenting. 

Sometime last year, Kareena Kapoor stepped out after having her second son, Jeh. The comments on her outing were ridiculous. People were shaming the actor for taking time out for herself, and not staying at home and devoting more time to motherhood. *Uhm newsflash, there is no one, right way to be a mother.* 


As opposed to people’s reaction to Saif Ali Khan working, post having a child.

Nobody made comments about whether Saif Ali Khan was a “good” father after he had his second son, Jeh. He resumed shooting for a film soon after, and no one tried policing him and making him feel like he’s not giving his children enough time or attention. 

Why are women policed so much? Or rather, why are they judged much harsher than their male counterparts or contemporaries?


3. Taapsee Pannu Vs Farhan Akhtar: Being trolled for transforming their bodies for a role.

Back when Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi Rocket, was set to release, the actor received so much scrutiny around how she chose to build her body. People made comments about how her body was too “masculine.” *Facepalming myself.*

As opposed to people’s reaction to Farhan Akhtar going through multiple body transformations for a film.

When Farhan Akhtar went ahead and changed his body for Toofan, it was met with so much praise. Neither his weight gain, nor his muscle gain was looked at negatively. Why is it so easy to comment on women’s bodies? Why are we so comfortable with people picking women’s bodies apart so much?


It’s no secret that when male actors take on roles that are not considered traditionally “masculine’ (cue most of Ayushmann Khurrana’s filmography), they are hailed for “shattering stereotypes.” But when female actors take on roles that are not traditionally “feminine”, the first response, is criticism and trolling. 

4. Ira Khan Vs Ibrahim Ali Khan: Being trolled for wearing swimwear next to parents.

Recently, Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan posted a photo of her birthday celebration. Trolls couldn’t help themselves from passing extremely harsh comments about her wearing a bikini! And deemed it offensive that she was standing next to her father in the attire. Yep, yes, yeah. This where we are as a society. 

As opposed to Ibrahim Ali Khan not getting a single weird comment for wearing swimwear. 

All these strange and bizarre judgements about how wrong or indecent it is for a woman to wear a bikini next to her father really made me wonder why this sort of scrutiny never falls on men? 

Ibrahim Ali Khan also spent a fun day by the pool with his mom and sister, in swimwear, yet people didn’t call him indecent for dressing that way next to his mother. There are negative comments on this post, but none specifically pointing a finger at him. 


5. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Vs Tom Cruise: Being trolled for looking older. 

Okay, this is the oldest, most tiresome, sexist trick in the book. Women getting judged for looking older. Aishwarya Rai was at the receiving end of so many hateful comments about looking older and seeming like she had gotten a Botox treatment. 

Once again folks, ageing is a natural process. Women don’t owe the world prettiness, or youth, for that matter!


As opposed to the comments Tom Cruise, who is 59 years old, got on his appearance and his age. 

We’re not here to bash or judge men, we’re here to ask for an equal playing field. We’re trying to ask the important question of why men are allowed to look like their age?

6. Radhika Apte Vs Adil Hussain: Being trolled for doing a sex scene.

Remember when Radhika Apte got slut shamed for doing a sex scene in Parched? First of all, why are we even shaming a sex scene, second of all why are women the only ones who get subjected to the shame?

As opposed to co-star Adil Hussain having the privilege of not being judged for doing the same thing.  

Though we’re glad that Adil Hussain came forward to defend his co-star. This whole situation is a clear indicator of the existence of male privilege. Hussain had the privilege of not being judged for doing a sex scene. 
The fact is, none of them should have been shamed for… well, doing their job!

I got to know about it a couple of days back when I saw some Google alert. I think it’s ridiculous to trolls Radhika or make a big deal about that scene. I don’t pay much attention to such things at all. I just think the only way to respond to it is, that you don’t (respond at all).

-Adil Hussain told Hindustan Times

7. Masaba Gupta vs Prateik Babbar: Being trolled for being a love child.

Fashion Designer and actor Masaba Gupta had posted about her support for the firecracker ban, and in return, people decided to bash her for being a love child. First of all, how random and irrelevant! 

To start talking about someone being born out of wedlock when they’re simply sharing their personal stance on something. And second of all, why would you bring up a person’s personal life and attack them with it when they’re simply voicing themselves?

As opposed to Prateik Babbar not receiving a single comment about his parents. 

Prateik Babbar, who is also a love child, has hardly been judged for it. Again, this is not to say that he should be judged, this is to point out how cruel and ugly people can be with women online! 

It seems, women are often attacked for very personal things, their bodies, their appearance, their family life or upbringing, or their characters. Which is clearly unfair. 


8. Priyanka Chopra Vs Ayushmann Khurrana: Being trolled for showing skin. 

Remember when Priyanka Chopra got trolled for wearing this dress for the Grammy Awards? Judging how women celebrate or exist in their bodies is basically taking away their autonomy. And unfortunately, we’re all way too comfortable in policing women’s lives and bodies. *Like, what was the need to be so ugly about her wearing what she wanted?*


As opposed to the reactions people have had to Ayushmann Khurrana posting shirtless pictures. 

There are so many instances of male celebrities posting photos of themselves with a lot of skin showing. For instance, this lovely shirtless photo of Ayushmann Khurrana where he is documenting his fitness journey. There seem to be no signs of people telling him to cover up more, or telling him that he’s being indecent for showing too much skin! It seems only women can be told how much skin they should show! Weird right?


Male privilege is a very real thing. But, in my personal opinion, if someone has privilege, they also have power. I think it’s time men start using their privilege to level the playing field for women. Because clearly, women are still treated secondary to men.