If you are a celebrity in India and you are not a cishet man, you could bet millions that you will be attacked, trolled, and schooled, for pretty much just existing and doing what you want. Case in point: 

1. Ira Khan

Ira Khan was trolled by the self-appointed custodians of Indian culture for having the nerve to wear a bikini in front of her own father. Apparently, a woman feeling safe and comfortable amidst her own family is against all the sanskars we were taught as a kid. 

2. Gauhar Khan

Actress Gauhar Khan was shooting for a television show when a member of the audience decided it was too normal to keep it in his pants and in a desperate attempt to not feel emasculated in the presence of a woman wearing what she desired, he resorted to violence and slapped the actress. 

Times of India

3. Esha Gupta

The actress was ‘slut-shamed’ by followers on Instagram, one of whom believed that such outfits were responsible for rapes. Perhaps he was unaware of children/ babies getting raped in this country. Although it is more likely that he was just an incel. 

Times of India

4. Shruti Hassan

The actress has often been trolled for bizarre reasons. One of the more memorable ones was a debate amongst people about if she went under the knife. While the actress refused to comment on the subject at the time and the trolling died a rather forgettable death, the trolls are yet to understand the concept of ‘mind your own business’. 


5. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is every troll’s easiest target. The actress-producer happens to be married to former Indian captain Virat Kohli and loves him and shows it by being present at stadiums and such as one does for their spouse. But to the millions of incels inheriting the country, she is a distraction to the greatness of Kohli and thus, must be subjected to heinous trolling at all times. 


6. Katrina Kaif

Remember those few weeks when the Priya Varrier smile and wink went viral? Well, Katrina Kaif got trolled because of that. You ask why? The f**k do I know! Read the headline, I suppose!

IndiTV News

7. Mandira Bedi

Bedi was trolled because a**holes across the country didn’t approve of what she was wearing during her husband’s funeral. Of course, a woman must dress in accordance with what men like, even at the time of great sorrow. 


Seriously, this country hates women with a passion. 

8. Fatima Sana Sheikh

So a few years ago, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had a divorce. So what does Fatima Sana Sheikh have to do with it? Well, as I said before, the f**k do I know! Refer to the damn headline. People just started pinning the whole thing on her like they were privy to Aamir’s personal life. 


9. Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan fell to good old fashioned Islamophobia. I say good old fashioned but let’s be honest guys, it’s back in style. Everyone and their mother wants to tell you to go to Pakistan and such. Oh, and how dare you enter a temple, OMG!


Nice. I suppose women should just stop existing.