If it feels like a lot has changed in the past three years of our time on this planet, think again. Last we checked, it was the explosive ending of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 2 that both rocked us and left the future of the patriotic hero in doubt. In 2022, we are still missing our favourite analyst-turned-spy taking us on his global catastrophe thwarting missions. Thankfully, not anymore!

We finally have all our answers on John Krasinski’s third outing as the titular CIA agent and the brand new conspiracy that finds him wrongly implicated and escaping his own government. Jack Ryan season 3 is back on Prime Video and it’s even more focussed, immersive, and action-packed than its previous installments — just the stuff we have been waiting for, making this three-year-long wait absolutely worth it!

If you’ve been following the series from the top, you’d know that this Tom Clancy character is made of steel. Going from one covert operation to another has only emboldened the once marine and stock broker in him, which is beautifully accented in Ryan’s ever sharpening approach to danger through the seasons. I mean, yeah! Here’s a man whose first mission was to kill off a high-level CIA target responsible for the death of 300 people in a gas attack and successfully stopping an assassination attempt on the U.S. president! So whatever it means to be deadlier than that!

In season 2 we were introduced to Ryan’s dangerous side where we saw him crack down on the demonic Venezuelan ex-president in revenge after he ordered the assassination of Ryan and his mentor, Senator Moreno. In this installment of the hit action series, the national superhero is treading even more precarious waters as he faces a Red Notice himself amid teaming up with a Russian operative to foil their next attack on the U.S. What we get in the process is an action with twists compelling enough to over qualify the series as a smart political thriller, minus the part where you keep guessing who’s gonna turn on whom?

Season 3 actually makes you want to quit all your responsibilities and just cozy up with your warm cup of coffee. You should, however, not be afraid to burn yourself with some hot spills along the way as Jack Ryan pulls a, well Jack Ryan to save the CIA, NATO, and the geo-political relations between America and Russia. Ofcourse, we do get to enjoy some action on the sea which is always a welcome Tom Clancy staple.  

Bottom line? John Krasinski has proved yet again that he’s a bona-fide action star, and can do much more than just put his fellow colleague’s stapler in jello. Yeah, you really shouldn’t do that to anyone. Krasinski is joined by Wendell Pierce who returns as James Greer, and Michael Kelly as Mike November. This season gets some fresh faces in the main cast too with Nina Hoss as the enigmatic president of the Czech Republic and James Cosmo as a high-ranking Russian intelligence operative.

So might we suggest you stay put at home this weekend and let a mighty looking CIA agent light up your televisions on fire for the third time around? We promise you won’t regret it. Just don’t forget to blink from time to time.

Jack Ryan is currently streaming on Prime Video.