Recently, we have seen a lot of media involvement in the personal lives of celebrities. From vacations to funerals, journalists do not give them privacy anywhere.

Amid all this, an old interview of Jim Sarbh is doing the rounds on social media where he straightaway says no to talking about his personal life.

When the interviewer starts talking about his personal life, Jim says:

I won’t.

Moreover, he goes on to asking the interviewer about his personal life, whether he had a girlfriend or not. This is when the journalist realised how it felt like to intrude into someone’s personal lives.

Later, he picks up a pillow and tell the interviewer that he will throw it on him next time he asks questions about his personal life.

Fans loved Jim’s confidence and the way he shut the interviewer up.

This is not the only time Jim refused to talk about his personal life in film interviews. In an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, he revealed that he has always been told that how will his career advance if he doesn’t talk about personal life.

That’s not where I would like to fit in myself into. So for me, its fine.

Can we see more celebs doing this please?