Even if you been living under a rock, chances are, the news of Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter clash would have reached you. After all, it was quite possibly the only time all non-Punjabi speakers took an instant crash course in Punjabi. 

And now the two seem to be at it again, with both of them sharing their point of view about the Farm Bills. 

Translation of Diljit’s Tweet: 

I don’t particularly see the need for explaining or answering you 
There’s no need for you to become the authority figure on every topic
But since I’ve got to know that apparently, you keep remembering me the whole day
Then take a look at this, and listen to it attentively

National Herald

The initial confrontation had started because of Kangana’s distasteful comments about an elderly female farmer attending the protests and snowballed into a full-blown Twitter war with Dosanjh constantly demanding that Kangana apologize to the farmer in question. 

Shortly afterward, Diljit Dosanjh attended the protest in person, while Kangana continued to attack Diljit on Twitter, going so far as to comment that he ‘disappeared’ after ‘provoking’ the farmers. To which Diljit had the ultimate response. 

Translation of Diljit’s Tweet: 

Please give up on the misconception that I’ve ‘disappeared’ 
And who gave her the right to decide who’s a patriot and who’s a traitor?
At least have a little shame before calling farmers traitors. 

Twitter/Diljit Dosanjh

As of now, Diljit, along with many other Punjabi artists, have stood in solidarity with the farmers. The protest has been going on for over two weeks now, but is no closer to a resolution, despite repeated talks with the government.