By now, everyone knows, or at least has the access to information, on who is playing which cricketer in 83. However, there is also one person from Kapil Dev‘s real-life who is working on the movie – his daughter Amiya.


Amiya is the assistant director to director Kabir Khan, and the latter recently told how this helped him get Kapil do a cameo in the movie.

Kapil Paaji’s daughter Amiya was my assistant in 83 and anything we wanted done from him, we just had to communicate it through her. He couldn’t say no to Amiya for anything.
The Economic Times

He added that he did not want Kapil’s cameo to look “gimmicky”.

It was a very spontaneous decision to have Kapil Dev on the screen for a shot. We didn’t want it to appear gimmicky, and it isn’t.

Having Amiya on board also helped the team get their facts correct.

Each time we needed verification of some detail from the 1983 match, we would make her call up her father and his colleagues from the World Cup. It could be something as trivial as the colour of a player’s gloves on the field that historic day in 1983…We had to get every detail right. We have thousands of people out there with every detail of the match etched vividly in their memory. We didn’t want to be caught on the wrong foot.
Newspaper Adda

Reports suggest that Amiya completed her graduation from Scotland in 2014, and eventually joined the entertainment industry.