The impact Shah Rukh Khan holds on some of us is untamable. His movies, interviews, or mere witty replies are just enough to woo us. You and I agree there’s no one quite like him because only SRK knows how it’s done. And, of course, if anyone has mastered the art of spreading arms, it’s him! 

India Today

Recently, in an interview with Film Companion, Karan Johar was asked about stardom, and his reply is hard to disagree with. Karan opined that today’s actors don’t have stardom but popularity.  

Karan feels this generation is more easy, more available, and accessible and hence there’s not enough mystery that can lead to stardom. He then went ahead to define the aura Shah Rukh Khan’s entry created on his 50th birthday.

He then elaborated on the energy Shah Rukh Khan creates around people and said that’s what  true stardom is. 

We all agree!

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