As we all know, reality TV show Lock Upp has been taking center stage and gaining quite a lot of popularity among Indian households as of late. The series is hosted by Kangana Ranaut and premiered on ALTBalaji and MX Player on the 27th of February. 


The show has invited celebrities as contestants to compete against one another until ultimately, one of them emerges as a winner of the first season. The format of Lock Upp consists of contestants revealing their personal secrets on live television, which TBH, is exactly what has everyone hooked on to it. That, and Munawar Faruqui of course! 


Which is why we’ve got a list of secrets that the series’ contestants have revealed about themselves up till now. Read on. 

1. When Azma Fallah confessed to scamming people. 

Recently, fashion influencer Azma Fallah talked about how there was a time when lied to people and asked for money, because her entire family was struggling a great deal, financially. She said she has duped ₹40-50 lakhs off of people!

Meri family mein main akeli earn karti thi. Pehle main bahot kam earn karti thi, like 10-20k bas usmein itna kharcha nahi chalta tha meri family ka…Toh kuch bhi jhooth bol ke, ki meri family ko yeh zarurat hai, woh zarurat hai, aur main sach bhi bolti thi aur logon ne mere sach ke liye bhi mujhe support kiya coz log jante the ki mein akeli hun, choti hun, aur mere ghar mein kahin source of income nahi tha, paise ka kuch bhi aur mere mom dad ko bhi diabetes hai.

-Azma Fallah


2. When Mandana Karimi talked about being disowned by her family. 

Iranian actor and model Mandana Karimi spoke about being disowned by her and her mother’s family because of her profession. She said that she has not talked to her mother for six long years!

I have been disowned by my own father and mother’s families. 

-Mandana Karimi

3. When Karanvir Bohra admitted to his bankruptcy.  

While revealing details of his personal life, actor Karanvir Bohra said that he has been in debt since 2015 and has been working solely, to pay it all off. 

I am down in the worst debt of my life. I have 3-4 cases on me for not paying the money back. From 2015 to now, whatever work I take up is only to return the money or pay back my debts. I feel so sorry for myself and for my family.

– Karanvir Bohra

4. When Tehseen Poonawalla talked about being asked to sleep with someone’s partner. 

Venture capitalist Tehseen Poonawalla recently opened up about a well known industrialist who had once asked him to sleep with his wife!

He booked my entire nightclub for the weekend and his condition was that he wanted to watch me sleeping with his wife.

-Tehseen Poonawalla

5. When Shivam Sharma admitted to sleeping with his mother’s friend.

While revealing his secret, Shivam Sharma said that he once slept with his mother’s friend, who was also their neighbor

There was a divorced lady, ‘a bhabhi,’ who lived near my house, she was my mumma’s friend. It isn’t dirty because she was a divorcee and I wanted to help with her sexual life. I cook really great white sauce pasta, so I would take that to her house and would have a good time. It’s very old news now because this happened when I was in college, around 8-9 years ago.

-Shivam Sharma

6. When Nisha Rawal opened up about her abusive marriage.

Actor Nisha Rawal opened up and talked about her husband admitting to her about his extra-marital affair and how the marriage was already quite frail, as he had physically abused her as well. 

7. When Poonam Pandey talked about her troubled marriage with ex-husband Sam Bombay. 

Model and actor Poonam Pandey opened up about the abuse she faced while she was married to Sam Bombay. The physical abuse had reached to a point that she once experienced brain hemorrhage.  

8. When Anjali Arora talked about how she spent time with a Russian man, in exchange for money. 

Contestant Anjali Arora admitted to partying with a man she was attracted to while in Russia, in exchange for ₹2.7K. 

In December I went to Russia and I was single. I was attracted to the receptionist of my hotel and I took 5000 rubles (₹2,737) from him for Saturday night. I just wanted money and I asked for it and he gave it to me and then at night we went for a party together.

-Anjali Arora

9. When Karanvir Bohra talked about how he, and his wife, Teejay Sidhu, dealt with her miscarriage.

Karanvir Bohra also opened up and talked about the miscarriage his wife faced during the initial COVID lockdown, and how distressing it was for the both of them. 

Before Gia we lost a baby during Covid. We were so scared to not tell anyone about it because we didn’t want people to say ‘Arre yaar ye kya hogaya, kaise hogaya, kyu hogaya’. Maybe to protect ourselves we didn’t want to say.  We had to lie to our own family, to our own relatives. When we talk about mental health issues, they come from home only. 

-Karanvir Bohra

10. When Sara Khan confessed that her ex-partner cheated on her during their marriage.

Sara Khan’s conversations with her ex-husband Ali Merchant revealed that the relationship was toxic, and she also stated that he cheated on her multiple times while they were together. 

I low-key think it is brave of them to tell people their deepest darkest secrets.