Basil Joseph‘s Minnal Murali, the homegrown superhero, has left a noticeable impression on viewers. Along with the praises garnered by the Malayalam film from critics and on social media, this Kerala couple opting for a Minnal Murali themed wedding says that more than anything. 


Amal Raveendran, the groom, donned an outfit similar to the desi superhero for his wedding. Inspired by Tovino Thomas’ superhero character, he wore the red and blue spandex suit as they tied the knot. 

And some Instagram users even took to the comment section to tag the original Minnal Murali to bring the video to his notice. 

Checkout the video here: 

Earlier, this Kerala couple went viral for their Minnal Murali themed ‘save the date’ photoshoot. The to-be-groom enacted the role of a masked superhero. He was seen saving the bride in multiple difficult situations, quite literally, in their pre-wedding video.  

Our relatives were excited to see me in the costume after the shoot. My cousins had planned to wear superhero costumes on the wedding day. However, due to Covid and related restrictions, they could not attend the wedding. Many people were curious about the wedding after watching ‘save the date’ video. 

-Raveendran to The Indian Express

According to The Indian Express, the wedding photographer Jibin Joy was brainstorming ideas to make the photoshoot interesting when he came across a post related to the film on Instagram. And then he proposed the idea of imbibing the spirit of the superhero flick in the pre-wedding shoot. 

Well, films have, for years, inspired weddings and as they still continue to do so, people are opting for unique ways in which to merge the two.