The lucky seventh episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 featuring Vicky Kaushal and Sidharth Malhotra began streaming at midnight on Disney+ Hotstar, and it was undoubtedly a treat for us all. 

With Sidharth’s nonchalant demeanor over his dating life and Vicky’s infectious excitement of being a newlywed, the episode became entertaining AF.  

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Speaking of Vicky Kaushal, the actor also gave us some major Punjabi Munda vibes in the Koffee With Karan episode. Here are some peak Vicky’s peak Punjabi moments at KwK.

1. Vicky – The Lover.

Right at the beginning of the episode, Vicky recreated his iconic faint from the last season, which essentially manifested his relationship and marriage with Katrina Kaif. He later even accepted the role of Karan Johar and his Koffee couch on his prem kahaani.

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2. The Regular Punjabi Episode.

Karan declared that Vicky and Sid’s pairing for the KwK episode was a deliberate one for a Punjabi episode. Later, KJo also revealed that Vicky’s hold on the Punjabi language is way more superior to Sid’s.

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3. VicKat – The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding.

A mere glance at VicKat’s wedding pictures is enough for anyone to know that their wedding was a blast. Do you remember the memes that were sprawling around their supremely private wedding? Apparently, Vicky, Katrina, and their friends had an amazing time laughing at those!

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4. Vicky Kaushal & the ‘Biba Munda’ tease.

So KJo began teasing Sidharth about what he’d like to manifest on the manifesting couch (psst. KJo wanted him to manifest Kiara Advani). Picking up on the subtle hints, Sid began dodging the question when Vicky interrupted and called him ‘humara Biba Munda.’

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5. Vicky is secure and never gets into any comparison.

When KJo asked Vicky if he ever gets into that comparison mode, the actor said that he believes everybody’s journey is different. Besides, he even revealed that he has fan moments when he meets his contemporaries in person because they started much before him.

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6. Vicky Kaushal is legit ‘Pra.’

Ain’t there anybody like a supportive Punjabi friend who’ll forever hype you and has got your back?

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7. Vicky would be in charge of the gym playlist.

Can we all unanimously agree that Punjabis have the best playlist?

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8. Vicky’s Sheila Ki Jawani hookstep.

Okay, that was hysterical! But who would have excelled in that hook step if not Vicky Kaushal?

Disney+ Hotstar

9. Vicky’s sexy Punjabi accent.

In the gaming round, KJo asked the duo to speak the words he announces in their Punjabi accent, and Vicky killed it!

Disney+ Hotstar

Vicky Kaushal is a proper Punjabi Munda and koffee couch proved it! The episode had the Punjabi tadka that we all wanted. But who do you think will be the next guests at Koffee With Karan?

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