After watching the trailer for the tenth episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 we were convinced that it’d be good, we just didn’t know it’d be this good. It genuinely felt incomplete, because it was too little time. With Siddhant Chaturvedi’s epic one-liners and Katrina Kaif talking about her love story, everything was just how we like it. However, it was Ishaan Khatter who stole the show. 

The actor was too energetic at all times, and with his witty answers, it was as if he got the assignment right. Watching Ishaan Khatter just ‘buzzing’ around (like he does) felt like witnessing that one extrovert friend who adds all the flair to parties. 

These moments from the episode are proof that his energy is unbeatable.

1. When he danced like no one was watching. Those hair flips, though. 

2. When he didn’t care and kicked Siddhant Chaturvedi for getting an answer wrong. 

It was a pretty serious kick…

3. When everyone around him agreed that he’s hardly (ever) nervous. Who doesn’t want this confidence?

4. When Ishaan was keen on finding out why Siddhant doesn’t hang out with him, at all times. 

5. When he straight up told Karan Johar, on his show, that he was mean to Ananya Panday during her episode. 

6. When he narrated and enacted the day when Katrina Kaif entered the sets. Gotta admit, it was funny. 

7. When Ishaan was like that extrovert friend who adopts other introverts at school.

8. When he was extremely competitive during the quiz. Have you seen a crazy-ball? Yes, same energy.

People were actually scared. I was tired just looking at all this energy.

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